If it’s not what you wanted, choose again.

Berlin, 2014

It’s about the quick catch ups in the middle of the day because some news just can’t or simply doesn’t want to wait for your next meet up.

It’s about the unexpected late night phone calls because they just can’t sleep through the night without knowing your opinion on their own version of an alternative ending for ‘FRIENDS’.

It’s about the swift glances that still feel like the first time, the under-the-table knee pat to let you know you’re doing good, the afternoon text because you miss them.

It’s about breaking the record of your quickest shower because they have an hour to see you and— why are you still reading this post? Start getting ready..

It’s about their different smiles and your shock when they present you with a new one because what’s all that about? This didn’t come in the manual.

It’s about the big fights. Not really, no. But you both know the best part of a big fight is the makeup, especially on the receiving end.

It’s not about the lavish gifts. Not about the double dates and fancy dinners. Not about the big occasions and who planned it better.

It’s really not, and if you’re ever with someone who makes you doubt if that’s what it’s all about then please think again.

There should be long road trips, weekend getaways, impromptu late night car rides, move nights in, and fast food Thursdays.

Playlists, to-do lists, their favorite grocery list items memorized and love.

There should be love because without it, what are you both doing together anyway?

And if you don’t find it, please get out. A relationship without love is a prison of choice. It’s a quicksand situation. More importantly, it’s a waste of your time.

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