Why you should never stop trying to win her heart


Beirut, 2018


Setting the goal of winning her heart every day doesn’t make you one of the nice guys who she avoids. It doesn’t make you any less stronger. In fact, it makes you the person she’s been looking for.

There are countless men out there trying to win her over but she’s only looking for you to do it day in day out.

She could be with anyone but she chooses you every day. This is simply your way of showing her you acknowledge that. This is your way of showing her that you’re choosing her as well.

There are no reassurances needed, no big gestures, and no longer talks.

It’s the simple things. It’s in the details and believe it or not, that’s all that matters.

Take the time to learn what’s behind the different smiles she gives you. The fake one, the reassuring one, the appreciative one, and the one she sends your way as a silent call for help.

Do you know how many sugars she takes with her coffee? Pick up on the differences between her sweet morning, black coffee and her ‘no-sugar-please’ afternoon espresso.

Watch her brush her hair, adjust her clothes, and do her make up. There’s so much more to her than you’re seeing.

What are the odd habits she’s taken up over the years? How does she do her laundry?

You might think it all doesn’t matter but you’re wrong. There are little traits engraved in her that can teach you all you need to know. 

What’s the one sentence she can’t stand hearing from any guy? Have you said it lately? Would you even know?

Take the time to observe, to listen, to know.

There’s no grander gesture than showing her little by little how you’ve made it your mission to understand her.

No one has done that before. A few have probably tried. It’s your time to succeed.

There’s no prize at the end of it. You get nothing for making this effort.

But you’ll learn one very important thing which is how she’s taken it upon herself to do the same for you every minute you’re together.

She knows how you take your coffee.

She knows all your different laughs. The fake one, the one which comes after a dark joke, the lazy one. She’s chosen her favorite. The high pitched one which prompts you to wrap your arm around your stomach and tilt your head backward just a little bit.

She knows your looks. The manipulative ones, the ones you hide from her because you’re afraid to show more than you want to give, and the apologetic ones.

She knows when you want to be touched and when you want to be left alone. She knows that your silence is mostly about the hundred different things you’re trying to think about at once and not necessarily anything related to the both of you.

She knows that you try your best to multi-task but you’re really more efficient when you do one thing at a time.

She knows that you try to avoid showing weakness. She respects it but also fears it. She challenges your idea of it because: how can you ever be weak to the person who gets their strength from you?

She’s taken the time. And she’s given you hers, just like you asked.

So, don’t stop trying to win her heart. She hasn’t stopped trying to win yours.

But she would if she should. That’s your first cheat lesson.

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