Two – a poem


In you, there’s always both possibilities: drowning or floating.

In you, I find both my harbor and adventure.


You were not designed to hold me together.

You were made to move freely, and this is exactly what you offer.


You’re capable of being both paradise and the worst nightmare.

You’re not one to offer stability and control- in fact you push both away.


See, I could write you like a beautiful poem.

But also spit you like a bad verse.


There isn’t a single spot of shade in you that can shelter me.

Yet I take your danger to be my safety.


I try to make this quick because you’re always in a hurry.

I try to keep up with your constant restlessness.


You’re my reminder to embrace the moment.

Today, it’s sunny and I can catch you in a pleasant mood. Tomorrow is another story.


It’s impossible to step into your world without being consumed whole.

And it’s impossible to step out without you leaving traces on every part of me.


Without you, there is no life.

Without you, I’m only half.


Two interpretations for these words.

Two verses for the two of us and the two of you.


If the earth decided to write the water a love letter.

Or if I decided to write to you.

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