“When you know, you know”

Paris, 2017


We’ve all met the ‘for now, I know’ person but only a few of us have met the ‘when you know, you know’ person.

It’s been ups and downs, what ifs and why nots, a lot of good but also a lot of bad.

If you were to think of the forever type of person, you’d still have the emotional rollercoaster but you’d be buckled in too securely to fall off it.

It’s not a puzzle. It’s not days and months trying to fit into this person’s life. It’s a smooth transition into all their plans and dreams.

It’s not a mystery that you’re constantly trying to solve. It’s not about proving who you are every minute of the day.

It’s not looking for signs to keep you together.

The forever person is not your ‘one day he’ll love you’ person, not the ‘likes you a lot, but just isn’t ready now’ person.

It’s the one that makes you doubt what the hell you’ve been doing with those in the first place.

You’ll never have to doubt ‘what this is’, it’ll be clear as day for the both of you.

It’s never an argument over ‘are we or aren’t we’, it’s arguments over dinner places, movie choices, caramel or salt, AC on or off.

There is never a reason for you to be stuck ‘for now’ because you sell yourself short every time you compromise your hopes.

Being with your forever person means all your questions are answered. Questions you never thought you had. Answers you never expected to get.

You can spend years with someone only to find out that’s all it has been. Just years.

And you can spend a day with someone only to find out that’s nothing compared to what waits for you ahead.

It doesn’t boil down to a feeling or a thought. Not a shared memory or conversation.

When you know, you know because both your weathered, solid hearts dissolved into one.

When you know, you know because you try to protect yourself from getting hurt, but they protect you better than you know how.

When you know, you know because you try to wear your best faces but they only ever saw one on you.

When you know, you know because you spent hours not talking, yet spoke all there is to know.

When you know, you know because your ‘for now’, ‘not ready’, and ‘someday’ all fall short.

At least that’s who we hope is waiting around the corner, right?





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