Relationships · Self-discovery

A little piece of home

New York, 2017


I found a little piece of home.

One that’s very far away from home.

A recognizable spot in the strangest of places.


It’s not measurable in square metres.

Put simply: it’s the familiar laugh, the necessary conversation, the timeless common ground.


It’s not confined by walls.

Frankly, it’s the one place that has the ability to release all inhibitions and remove all masks.


It’s not rooted to the ground.

Starngely, it defies all rules of gravity. It’s a floating sense of affinity.


Home is always a feeling but it’s the best kind of feeling when it engulfs you with unexpected warmth.


Some people are made to feel like siblings, some are like friends, best friends, soul mates, and some are more.


Other people, however, are made to feel like home despite never having shared a home.

They are comfort and tension. A catch and release. Distance and closeness. All of it and everything in between.


They are the effortless connection. The well-choreographed hellos and goodbyes.






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