Poetry · Self-discovery

Life’s simple pleasures

The coziness of a small café.

The timid smile of a stranger.

My messy bed and mismatching pajamas.

The artistic steam floating over my hot coffee.

Five minutes of pure orange and purple right before the sun rises.

The sound of my keyboard when I’m writing uninterrupted.

The clarity of my eyeglasses after I’ve worn my contacts all day.

My neatly color-coded folders filled with class readings I haven’t done.

Long to-do lists.

Markers, paper clips, and carefully picked out pens.

Submitting a research paper before the deadline.

An “A” on a paper you didn’t work enough for.

An “A” on a paper you worked hard for.

An “A”.

Board games and winning.

Finishing a book in less than a day.

Tan lines.

Being tagged in nice quotes on social media.

The first sip of wine after a long week.

Running into childhood friends on the street.

Quick side conversations with your crush in a room full of people.

Light brown eyes. Always brown eyes.

Family dinners, boyfriends excluded.

Family dinners, boyfriends included.

Dad’s sailing lessons and “good job”.

His impeccably cut nails and perfectly-placed cheek dimples.

Mom’s little eye wrinkles when she smiles too hard.

Her beautiful eyebrows and slim legs.

My white work desk and “New York” post card on the wall.

Not knowing how much money is in the wallet.

Flushed cheeks after a long workout.

Cold showers, first thing in the morning.

Warm showers, last thing before getting in bed.

Publishing a blog post. Sending the link to Hana.

Purposeless car rides with loud music.

Stargazing from my grandparents’ rooftop.

Deleting the last names of people who have become family from the phone’s contact list.

Going through old pictures.

The smell of a new book and the break of the binder when it’s opened.

The smell of an old book and the notes taken by all the people who have lost themselves in it.

Getting dressed to see the person you like.

The moment you realize it’s not frustration, you’re just falling in love.

Calm silence after heated arguments.

Flights to different continents.

Waking up a minute before the alarm rings.

Holding hands under a dinner table.

Unexpected love letters, signed with ‎’yours truly’.

Freshly applied nail polish and wavy hair.

Finding the perfect outfit and knowing exactly when you’ll be wearing it.

Coffee at an unconventional time of day.

Wearing a man’s jackets, socks and oversized t-shirts.

Forehead kisses.

Yoga pants.

Picturesque views and unexpected beauty.

Phone charged to 100%.

Spending the whole day with a best friend.

You. And you.


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