If love was a three-chapter book

The casual chapter

Late morning coffee dates and quests to find the best chicken strips in town.

Road trips with no clear destination because we’re in it for the ride. Always in it for the company.

Movie night with no movie in mind. Fancy dinners and quick bites. Dressing up and dressing down depending on the mood, rarely on the place.

The good conversation and the no need to make a conversation at all.

Comfortable silence and loud laughter.

The connecting chapter

Stolen glances and intimate smiles. Sparkles in the eyes and secret winks.

Reassuring words and caring gestures. Thoughtful gifts without an occasion.

Handwritten notes.

The purest form of expression. These handwritten notes.

Inside jokes and constantly testing each other’s wit.

Words of encouragement and unspoken promises to simply always be there.

The challenging chapter

Meeting, falling, living – at a distance.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings. All that is missed eventually corrected. Eventually explained, fixed, mended.

Breathing, building, growing – at a distance.

Always making the moments together that much more meaningful.

Schedules, plans, and travel organizers. Boarding passes as bookmarks and airports as second homes.

All with the promise that one day:

Meeting, falling, living.

Breathing, building, growing.

All happen hand in hand. Side by side.

Different chapters for two people living in the same book, writing each page together.

We make it look effortless because it is. We make it look like it flows because it does.

Different chapters.

But across all of them, one thing remains unchanged:

Strong and soft.

Unshakeable and delicate.

Firm and forgiving.

Sophisticated and simple.

Raw and unguarded.

A paradoxical love. 

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