Raw, unguarded.

It’s not a love at first sight sort of thing. It’s more of ‘I think I’ve seen you before but I haven’t’ sort of thing. He’s the familiar face that you try to trace back to a distant memory which isn’t there. 

He’s the person that drains all that is strange from stranger.

I could try to put into prose what it’s like to be in his proximity, but I would need more words.

Seeing him is like being thrown into the trance between sleeping and dreaming. Where you’re aware that you can control the dream because you’re half awake but you choose to see it to the end. 

It’s like everything makes sense at once yet leaves you awestruck. 

He’s more than just a plan for tomorrow and he wasn’t a part of yesterday. Yet he possesses all the power to keep the now relevant.

It could be that distance between two hearts draws them closer. But that was never a rule. It’s a string of hope. Capable of breaking just as it’s capable of staying intact. 

There’s a calmness to his movements. Not a calmness before a storm, but rather a calmness which promises to stay. 

He can hold a full conversation with one gaze and it would tell you more than a thousand pages of introspection could. 

His smile is as warm as your bed in the morning, pulling you back in no matter how hard you try to fight it off. 

There are different interpretations to a person’s arms and I’ve always had the words to describe how I’ve been held. Some arms were there for protection, and some for repression. But not his, they can’t be fit into a single description.

His arms are a paradox of coming home and being set free all at once. 

Some days are for falling in love with cities, some are for falling in love with books, but every day is made for falling in love with him. 

All that is colorful and bright is romanticized. Waves, skies and deep oceans. 

But my romance lies in a pair of eyes that resemble my favorite thing to wake up to. 

A dark brown cup of coffee. It’s calm exterior and boiling interior. 

Just like that. One look and I know I’m overpowered. 

It doesn’t take waves, skies, and deep oceans to fall uncontrollably. Sometimes and this one time: all it took was a pair of eyes that reminded me of a familiar warmth and a smile that felt like the whole world awaits mine. 

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