[Reality] with[out] [g]love[s]

This is how it starts [to end] with a few, stolen [awkward] smiles and an unexpected [shy] hello [I want to get to know you].

A quick glance my way [and another over to some girl], and you’re all I see [only when you’re looking].

It didn’t take much to know we’re about to become more than friends [yet less than lovers].

You [never] read between my lines, you [rarely] know exactly what to say.

This is why I [can’t] fall for you every day, [Not even for a] minute, and second.

There are some [many] days the world weighs down on us and we [think we] try to fight through but see I [don’t] know that we can.

My heart keeps telling me to try harder [to walk away] but I don’t listen.

I never listen. At least that part is true. [it’s true].

Whose fault is it that our worlds collided under such conditions?

I think you know [nothing] about what goes on in my head and you [pretend to] ignore it.

See, it’s [not] easy living with someone who is [not] letting you in. Someone whose heart you [will never] have.

There is [rarely ever] logic behind everything we do or say, and this is why the sooner you [call my bluff and] realize I am [yet I won’t fully allow myself to be] yours, then the sooner we can start [to end] this [hurtful] beautiful life together.

We’ve always been the best at [mis]communicating. That’s our thing and if ever [soon] things fall apart, although I know [I’d be kidding myself if I say] they won’t, then this will be the lesson I’ve learned [to never apply with someone else].

This is [much more than] a simple to say thank you for all that you [don’t] do and have[n’t] done.

You’re everything [I thought] I wanted and how terrifying [yet relieving] would the idea of us apart be.

This love [I have for myself] will always win and this is why leaving [should be although up until now] has never been an option.

[Please] try to read [with and] without looking deeper into this. Maybe then [and only then I’m sure] might you understand the complexity of the [sinking] ship we’re sailing.

It’s not you, it’s me [I deserve better]. I’m the one with the countless layers [you can never learn to take apart].

You—you’re the lucky one who needs not scratch the surface to fulfill his heart’s desires [that’s true].

If there is one wish [I’ve used them all up], it would be to trade places for a minute.

I would be able to see [and be disappointed with] how you carry yourself through the day and you’d be able to be [one of the many different layers of a person which live inside of] me.

Luckily [you might think], you get the best part [of me] and that’s all I want to give [to the person who would never understand me].

At this point in [this intentionally extended period of] time, we both got what we deserve: a love which knows no[thing but] boundaries filled with [false] hopes and [empty] dreams.

Can we get [un]luckier?

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