Poetry · Relationships

Give and take

Give me a reason. Give me time. Give me those eyes. Give me your touch. Give me your warmth. Give me your days. Give me you.

Don’t give me that look. Don’t give me that tone. Don’t give me that attitude. Don’t give me your anger. Don’t give me your misery.

I’m a taker. I’ve always been.

But for you, I’d give up all my days. I’d give up all my words. I’d give up all my feelings.

There’s nothing worth more than the first few seconds our eyes meet.

You’re a giver. I can’t ever remember you otherwise.

But from you, i wouldn’t take anything without giving back. I wouldn’t take a second without giving you all I have.

We’re both uncategorized, undefined.

But if there was ever a category that fits me: it would be you.

If I were to define myself, it would only be true to do it through you.

See, I’d ask you to be mine but it’s a give and take.

I’d ask you to take a chance on me but I’m afraid I’ve run out of chances with you.

I’m afraid I can no longer cash in on the idea of our once in a lifetime encounter, on our idea of soulmates.

When it comes to us, I’m afraid all the time. Mostly in your presence rather than your absence, believe it or not.

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