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Here’s to the girl who is committed to finding herself before she finds you

Photo Credits: Hana Afifi


She spent a big chunk of her life trying to find the person who she thought she had a solid common ground with. Then, over and over again, she woke up one day unable to wrap her head around what she found in common in the first place.


See, there’s no blame to be passed around because this girl was and is still trying to build a connection with herself before she builds one with you.


She’s not weak for not understanding who she is. In fact, she’s brave enough to act on her awareness of not knowing by taking the time to be on her own.


This girl has been tricked into long, unfitting relationships by her own mind. She’s been confused enough times by her own heart that she deemed herself untrustworthy of her own wellbeing.


But the thing about her is that she doesn’t give up. She takes every mishap as a step closer to understanding herself.


You need to understand both the challenges and rewards of being with this girl. She’s the one who knows how to put herself in your shoes in every situation because she does it manually for herself too sometimes.


This girl doesn’t love for the sake of having someone to share moments with. She loves because she understands that love is also part of self-growth.


She is capable of reminding you who you truly are under all the masks you wear because she knows how difficult it feels to lose track of your authentic self.


This girl appears more confident but it has nothing to do with how she speaks or behaves, rather it has everything to do with how long she spent on being herself unapologetically.


She’s the girl who confidently shows you that you don’t need her, that you’re capable of being independent but instead; you want her. You choose her day after day.


She would never foolishly rely on you when she knows she can achieve what she wants on her own. She spent years learning to be self-dependent.


She would never try to turn you in someone you’re not because she thinks everyone works as hard as her on being the best they can be before they commit to someone.


This girl doesn’t take life to be the series of joyful memories. She understands life to be every happy, challenging, and metamorphic moment we pass through.


She doesn’t count her life with years, she counts her life with every time she felt thankful for being alive.


She doesn’t care about celebrating anniversaries with you. She believes what is worth celebrating is change, freedom, and new adventures.


But see, the thing about this girl is that she’ll never stop looking for herself. She will never find herself fully.


She’s caught in an endless cycle of caterpillar-butterfly metamorphosis.


She takes a step back to re-evaluate her life in her own shell when she needs to and the next day she spreads her wings and rides the winds of new discoveries.


This may be intimidating for someone who is looking to tie her down. But if there’s one thing she can promise it’s that she’ll never fly away alone if you are willing to go on endless self-growth journeys with her.


Here’s the secret: There was a time when she thought finding you would help her find herself but she learned that she was wrong and this is what makes her the most layered soul you’ll meet.


Here’s to the girl who is committed to finding herself before she finds you


And here’s to you if you’re able to reach the depth of this girl who has spent years of self-exploration and chooses you to share the most genuine relationship with.

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