“Why Denmark?”


I can’t begin to explain how many times i’ve heard that sentence since the minute i took my decision to come here.

It’s different, far away from home, and strange to me.

But that’s exactly what i needed because ever since Salzburg last summer, i have taken every chance to get out of my comfort zone.

Life is all about those unexpected turns, and those people you never expect to meet.

Such experiences truly feed the soul.

The moment i wake up in the morning on my own, make my way to catch the bus, and get to my work on time only to come back home alone. I lay my head on the pillow at the end of the day and can’t help but think to myself: I am completely independent here.

I am my own person.

Those numerous moments i spend with myself everyday reassure me that nothing can stand in my way as long as i believe in myself.

However there’s one thing i can’t deny; it was very challenging for me to go on with this decision.

When i first arrived it took a lot of courage to take a stand and accept this new life, and even at the time i stood by my decision; i really wasn’t sure i was up to it.

But i wasn’t going to let myself go back home and feel like life challenged me with something grand and i couldn’t find it in my soul to grasp the opportunity.

Therefore i let go of all my fears, motivated myself, and pulled it all together.

Denmark was a cold, dark dream two weeks ago, and Denmark is home today.

It’s where i have leaped above all the stepping stones that home could offer me.

It’s where i challenged my mind to take on one of the toughest goals i had wished to accomplish.

It’s where i cast my heart to stone, where i put my emotions aside.

It’s where i look at myself in the mirror and feel like i’m a different person.

Today, i am the person i thought i would be in around 5 years. Everyday that passes, i become a year older. I become more independent, more driven, more aware of my emotions, and more passionate about my life.

I might be up to this experience and at any moment i might back out. But i know for a fact, i couldn’t have lived with the idea of not atleast trying.

So ask me again, Why Denmark?

I will look at you and frankly say “Why not?”

It has given me my future self in the present.

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