Feels like home


A friend once told me it’s not about where you are, it’s about who you’re with. Knowing this friend, i’m sure he wasn’t thinking of it in a “halfway across the earth” sense. But I am.

I’m thinking of it in the context of leaving everything and everyone and running to a place where you have no one.

You reach this nowhere with no one, and carry all the people you left behind in your heart. Your soul drinks up all the emptiness around you and for  many consecutive seconds you question what caused you take such a step.


We all need a change, and all it takes is one simple decision you make in an astounding 20 seconds of pure courage.

You gather up all those moments you felt like you needed to get away all by yourself, and you make a long while out of them.

But it all comes back to people. Humans need humans to talk, to share, to live.

Those days away serve a harsh function. Who stays and who fades? Who comes into your life and who walks out?

All i can say is i don’t care about who leaves as long as the ones coming in make all the difference.

Now, in this moment, being away doesn’t feel like i’m away at all.

Friends that you have met for less than a month become family.


Part of that is letting go of whatever and whoever ceased to be a positive element in your life. And part of that is opening up to those who can give you the chance of having a family no matter how much time you’ve been around.

It feels like home here.

Another friend told me the best thing about us as humans is our ability to adapt. I’m pretty sure he didn’t come up with that but it sure dawns on me that it has been making the most sense ever since i moved away.

Home become strange, and the strange becomes home.

A friend can become a stranger, and a stranger can become a friend.


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