Don’t look for shelters, you deserve a home

Girl in a home

There’s more to friendship than passing time to run away from your thoughts.

There’s more to love than an idea of having someone by your side through your days.

There’s more to family than having a backup for when times get tough.

Shelters are big promises, countless words of affirmation, and an attempt of a soothing atmosphere.

A person with an intriguing smile. Like flirtation with ambiguous intentions, and a brief moment of calm.

Walls protecting you from the world.

Walls that are thinning.

Walls that start to look like barriers with every closer look.

A friend with hidden truths. Like splitting fifty-fifty. Like obscuring some part and revealing the other. On repeat.

Ceilings with sharply defined edges.

Ceilings closing in day by day.

Ceilings nearing collapse threatening to flatten tomorrow.

A family house with the whole family on vacation. Enjoyable few hours of privacy. Endlessly lonesome nights.

This is your shelter.

A neat setup which keeps you questioning whether it’s worth investing in any sort of permanence.

An illusion. A temporary solace for a permanent soul.

There’s more to your person than a mysteriously attractive façade.

There’s more to your friend than a self-assuring social life.

There’s more to your family than annual gatherings.

Home is a reality check, a necessary discomfort pushing you forward, and a saviour.

It’s a look of understanding, an unapologetically open dialogue, and constant turbulence and tranquillity wrapped in forever.

Walls sturdy enough to keep you protected and enabling enough to set you free.

Walls that start to look like windows with every closer look.

It’s a friend who represents all that is truthful and genuine. Like taking turns. Like revealing all there is fearlessly.

Ceilings with decorated surroundings.

Ceilings which withstand generations of love.

Ceilings which are unnoticeable.

A family house when everyone is getting ready for a celebration. Bumping into each other while running with one shoe and looking for the other. Tossing and turning in bed because the laughter seeping through the living room door is annoyingly loud.

This your home.

A reality. A permanent answer to temporary concerns.

Don’t look for shelters, you deserve a home.

One thought on “Don’t look for shelters, you deserve a home

  1. What an amazing analogy Mz Rasha, I loved the smart selection of shelter to represent what is temporary and barely adequate as opposed to withstanding the test of time environment that all of us deserve, Impressive as usual !!


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