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Read this if modern love is not for you

How fast are we going? How fast are things coming to us in life? This is the new measure of success.

Wake up and tear the day apart into activities.

Get to work, make a to-do list and feel good about checking off the items we’ve completed. Move the pending ones to tomorrow’s list.

Schedule time with our friends and time with our family. Plan a road trip and our next adventure.

Get our hearts broken and make a checklist.

Does he listen to me? Is he grateful for what he has with me? Does he find joy in the simple pleasures?

On the rare occasion that he meets all the categories, then fall in love. If at any point he strays away from our unspoken guidelines, trivial or crucial, then dispose immediately and add more items to the checklist.

We can’t allow ourselves to be fooled more than once. We can outsmart the system. Now, we know and so we have more rules for next time.

Life moves fast, and we can’t afford to fall in the same trap twice. We’re supposed to be what they call ‘’fast-learners’’, aren’t we?

Did we hear about a friend badmouthing or judging us lately? There’s no time for confrontation in this life. Let go quickly.

This is how we’re supposed to protect ourselves. It’s a foolproof method of self-preservation.

I commend us all for turning this life into a marathon of goals. But most of all, I congratulate us for turning love into a real-life swipe left and right, and always keeping our eyes out for what’s better.

Even my sarcasm outruns me sometimes. Apologies for that. I have no intention of making a comedy out of such tragedy.

Not today though. Not today.

Everything around us is way too loud. Way too fast. Feeling too small for a big city. Feeling too big for a small city.

So many things in this life demand swiftness and noise. Making ourselves heard. Standing up for what we believe in. Embracing our family for who they are. Accepting friends with no judgment.

If we do one thing in life which doesn’t require us to be loud and quick, then let it be love.

Love in silence.

There’s something magical about cherishing someone so much that no words or big gestures can ever measure up.

Love slowly.

There’s something magical about protecting what you have with someone from any unnecessary interference.

Take the time to learn all the details. The fears, the hopes, the dreams, and how they’re ever-changing. Take the time to realize that the person you fell in love with is a work in progress. Someone you appreciate for having all the imperfections they have and still being perfect for you. 

Treat love like a private matter. One that exists between two souls which nothing in the world can take a part of, uninvited.

Public photos and documenting memories for everyone to see is not commitment. It’s not reassurance. 

If you’re committing your time to be with someone, then there’s no time left for counting the likes and reading the comments you get for it.

If modern love is not for you, then love in silence.

It’s the only way the person it’s meant for can hear it loudly.

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