I built mountains between us



I built mountains between us

Mountains for protection.

Mountains for distance.

Mountains between two people both on the edge of falling apart.

Between two hearts trying to find two separate paths.

I built mountains between us.

And forgot about the wildfires.

And forgot about the rivers.


I paused time for us

Time to figure things out.

Time to mend what had shattered into a million little pieces.

Time for two people longing for a rewind.

Between two hearts breaking for an end.

To what has become the world’s longest break-up.

And forgot that time never waits.

And forgot that a pause is just a prolongation.


I wrote a book about us

A book to save all the memories.

A book to contemplate the best time we never had.

A book for two people trying to find solace in words.

Between two hearts aching to heal between the pages.

And forgot that the chapters won’t finish themselves.

And forgot that you’re the story that ends but never ends.


I made a promise to us

A promise that the rivers will eventually erode the mountains between us.

A promise that our time will never run out.

A promise that we will write the perfect ending to an imperfect story.

A promise for two people holding onto a string of fate.

Between two hearts connected by a twinkle of hope.

And forgot that promises are just words.

And forgot that promises are only as good as their keepers.

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