Kind of a funny story

Most of the time, when I think about us I give myself a good laugh. 

It’s funny.

It’s funny how you ask life to send you a catalog-picked-out kind of person and it sends you just the opposite of that.

It’s funny how you try to deny the chemistry you have because it’s not the idea of the person you were looking for.

It’s funny how you know that people can’t be handpicked and you can’t be in a relationship with an idea, but you keep denying it anyway.

It’s funny how apathetic I was when we first met until I suddenly wasn’t anymore.

It’s funny how you metamorphosed into both a source of frustration and pleasure.

It’s funny how the way you look at me never changed but only got more intense.

It’s funny how I became yours when I wasn’t even yours.

It’s funny how I wrote about you without realizing who I was writing about.

It’s funny how you are the only person I think of when I’m on a plane.

It’s funny how your (most of the time) irrational and disorganized words give sense to my world.

It’s funny how sometimes you do the usual, annoying guy things that I never want you to do.

It’s funny how other times you do and say what no other guy ever has.

It’s funny how you try to come off as better and stronger but I just want to take you exactly the way you are.

It’s funny how you’ve become the person I want to share good moments with and keep you away from the bad ones.

It’s funny how I can’t listen to a song if it doesn’t have a little bit of you in it.

It’s funny how I’ve planted some parts of myself inside you that I risk losing a little part of me if I ever lose you.

You know what the funniest part about all this is?

It’s not funny at all.

Most of the time, when I think about us I give myself a good laugh… before I remember how terrifyingly solemn the matter is.


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