The 5 people you need in your life

Photo Credits: Hana Afifi


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

To be frank, I haven’t consciously chosen those five people in my life. It’s not even a “they chose me” cliche. I think when it comes to choosing who we spend time with the most, it comes down to two factors. Sometimes we look for the qualities which comfort us in others and other times we look for the qualities which challenge us.

We look for what we want in hope that if we get lucky then we’ll also find what we need.

1. The listener

The person who actively listens to us talk for as long as we need. Not only do we take for granted that this person always seems to have the time to listen to us but sometimes we fall into the trap of forgetting that they might also need us to listen every now and then. Just by having the listener in our life, we occasionally hear ourselves making sense or not making any of it while venting.

2. The protector

We always feel like we’re safe around protectors. They tend to unintentionally ooze vibes of security and comfort. They embody the sibling and parental-like roles in our life.  It’s not very strange to find ourselves worried over whether or not we are disappointing them when we fall short of taking care of ourselves.

3. The brutally honest

This person is our reality check. They’re the ones we turn to despite being scared of what they’re about to say. When all we need is to be whipped back into shape, we turn to the one person who isn’t afraid of telling us what we need to hear rather than sugar-coating pieces of advice.

4. The carefree

We all need our dose of this easy-going person who knows how to show us a good time. When we’re not ready to talk or when we’re fed up with talking, we turn to the person who has the power to put away our worries for a short while.

5. The go-getter

Sometimes we need a reminder that it’s not all about us and that there’s more to life than crying over spilled milk. The go-getter is the person who we aspire to become at some point in life. They are our constant reminder to move forward despite hardships because regardless of our inability to change what has happened, we most definitely have choices to make regarding what will happen in the future.

If we’re fortunate enough to surround ourselves with people embodying such characteristics in our lifetime, then we are undoubtedly bound to become unstoppable.

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